Velocipede - French vélocipède, from Latin velox (“swift”) + pes (“foot”)
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Bicycle Medal - "Paris-Brest-Paris" - 1891

In 1891 the first run of the Paris - Brest - Paris , a 1200 kilometer race, took place on September 6. The race was organized by "The Petit Journal",a cycling periodical, to demonstrate the practicality of the bicycle. Riders were required to use the same bicycle throughout the race. 206 cyclists started including both amateurs and professionals. The race was won by professional Charles Terront on a new Humber safety bicycle equipped with pneumatic tires. PBP is still run today although not as a race but as an endurance event.

H. Keats 4 Turn Buglet The Hartlepool Liberal Cycling Club 1892

Cycling Clubs of the late 1870's and into the1880's were established on a somewhat militaristic fashion employing the moving formation of mounted horse calvary. There was a Captain, Lieutenant, and usually a Bugler. Each club had it's own uniform and colors. This formality lent a degree of legitimacy to the appearance of cycling clubs appearing on the roads in the early 1880's Often cyclists were met with hostility from pedestrians and teamsters who felt they didn't belong on public roads.

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