Wood Brothers Velocipede - 594-596 Broadway, N.Y.C 1869

The Wood Brothers of 594 & 596 Broadway New York City were one of the finest builders of carriages in the 19th century. Fredrick Wood was a personal friend of circus entrepreneur P.T. Barnum. President Abraham Lincoln visited the Fredrick Woods family mansion in 1860. A group of N.Y. merchants presented Lincoln with a custom Barouche for his second inauguration in 1864. The Wood Brothers, like other carriage makers, were quick to enter the Velocipede trade in 1868/69. Like their carriages they built some of the finest velocipedes. This velo is representative of a top of the line model and retailed at the time for $165. Ivory grips, silver plated accents, gold lining, a fender and lamp bracket compliment this velocipede.

Manufacture date: