"Rational" Ordinary 50 Inch - Maker Unknown - Circa 1889

The Ordinary or high wheel bicycle was the standard design of bicycles from the mid 1870's until it was overtaken by the chain drive Safety bicycle in the early 1890's. One of the last innovations to the Ordinary was the introduction of a larger than standard rear wheel. Most Ordinaries used a 16 - 18 inch rear wheel. The Rational used a 22 inch rear wheel. Manufactures claimed that this change made for a safer more stable ride. The cyclist was less likely to experience that unexpected danger to all riders of the Ordinary, the header. This Rational is a light roadster model using tangent spokes on both wheels. The front wheel is seven cross and tied and soldered at the crosses and both wheels are equipped with Bown's "Aeolus" ball bearing hubs.

Manufacture date: