J.I. Stassen “Nonpareil” 54 Inch Wheel 1873/74

J.Stassen & Co. Engineers, Euston Road, London were early makers of velocipedes.They offered the rear steering Eagle in 1869. Stassen & Co. went on to be a principle maker of Ordinary bicycles throughout the 1870's. Stassens "Nonpareil" was a favored mount of the London Bicycle Club. A similar machine was ridden by champion David Stanton on his epic run from Bath to London in 1874, 106 miles in 8 1/2 hours. An image of Stanton is pictured here. Note Stassens patent roller brake in the image. Many early boneshaker features ( the bearings,socket head,solid fork and backbone) are seen on this early 70's Stassen. Pictured too is a tin type where the two gents, on the left and center, are holding Stassens.


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