HB Smith Co. - 42 Inch Pony Star - Smithville N.J. -1889

HB Smith Co. 42" Pony Star Smithville N.J. 1889.

The Star, a uniquely American solution for the dreaded “header” was introduced in 1880. The drive wheel came in sizes from 42 up to 54 inches. The smaller size was referred to as a "Pony" Star. The Star's success came by moving the small wheel to the front. The levers drove the driving wheel by an up and down motion from the rider’s legs. Both levers could be depressed simultaneously for a burst of speed or could be “galloped” along like a horse. The Star won many hill climb competitions. A rider could stand up on the pedals, out of the saddle, to climb. To demonstrate safety, the manufacturer had a factory rider successfully descend the steps of the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. on a Star.

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