Gormully & Jeffery Rambler Model 26 - 1899

Gormully & Jeffery of Chicago began manufacturing children's bicycles in 1879. In the 1880's they offered the American Ideal,American Challenge,American Champion,American Light Champion as well as a couple of adult tricycles.Their line of safety bicycles through out the 1890's were the Rambler. 1899 was the last year that Gormully & Jeffery operated as a solo company. They became part of the combine of bicycle manufacturers headed by Pope and Spaulding known as the American Bicycle Company in 1900. This is a fabulous survivor, a men's model 26 Rambler light roadster in fine original condition.It is equipped with one of the first coaster brakes by Morrow.Note the nice lug work and decals.

Manufacture date: