Ellis and Co. 40" “Facile” 1884

Ellis and Co. 40" “Facile” 1884.

This high wheel safety was introduced by Beale & Straw in 1879. It was offered in various front wheel sizes from 32" to 46". The Facile was a popular solution to the dreaded “header” or the tendency of the high wheel rider to go over the bars when encountering obstacles in the road. The crank levers are adjustable to match a rider’s inseam. In 1884 cycling champion Johnny Adams rode the length of the British Isles and held the “Lands End to John O’Groats” record on a 40" Facile. He covered 900 miles in just under seven days. That same year he captured the 24 hour distance record of 266 miles riding a Facile.

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