Elgin "Gull" - 1935

The Elgin "Gull" was a contract build by the Westfield Manufacturing Co. of Westfield Massachusetts for Sears Roebuck distributor of Elgin bicycles. The Gull was Sears offering to compete with the popular Monark "Silver King" another aluminum frame bicycle of the 1930's. This was at the height of Art Deco design. Aluminum was a light weight material and the Gull was touted as the lightest balloon bike on the market. Unfortunately the Gull's frame was pined together, rather than welded, and quickly failed. The few Gulls that had been sold were quickly recalled and the Gull was taken off the market. At this writing there are six known survivors ! This Gull is pictured as "barn fresh" and is as found.   

Manufacture date: