Eagle Roadster - 50 Inch Wheel - 1890

The Eagle Roadster was a late comer to the offering of bicycles of the high wheel type. Introduced in 1889, the large wheel moved to the rear with the small wheel on the end of the steering shaft at the front. Similar in design to the "Star" bicycle, pictured in the gallery, the Eagle was direct drive like the Ordinary bicycle. To mount the Eagle one must use the pedal from a standing start or vault into the saddle and go. The Eagle was considered a safer mount. The rider would not be subject to the ever present danger of taking a header over the handle bars. The Eagle was known as a good hill climber. The rider is able to stand and  pedal for better leverage. The Eagle had a short life span. By 1890 the new chain drive safety became the dominant style. Pictured is William Van Wagner the Champion of Rhode Island on his Eagle. 

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