A.M. Gooch - Ordinary Bicycle - Newton Mass. 1885 - 52 Inch Wheel

Arthur M. Gooch was a small custom builder of Ordinary bicycles in Newton Upper Falls Massachusetts beginning in 1878. Little is known about Gooch. At least 4 of his machines are known to have survived. He used many of his own forgings as well as some imported parts. His bicycles were of very good quality. His family operated a stone quarry in Newton Falls where he had his machine shop. Early cycling periodicals show that Gooch built racing models as well as roadsters. This model has the maker's plate fixed to the head and reads "A.M. Gooch No. 46 Patented". One would assume that this is his 46th built. The bike is a 52 inch wheel and although a bit heavy is well made, durable for the roads of the day.

Below is a mention of A.M. Gooch in the May 1880 issue of "The Bicycle World" and an ad from the same.

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