"Sam" - Sam Howard's Bicycle - Circa 1963

In the town where I grew up there was an older woman we all called Bicycle Annie. She road a 1940's era women's single speed balloon tire bicycle everywhere. At that time Annie must have been in her early 70's. No matter the weather or time of year Annie was out on her bike. Several of the towns I have lived in since have had their own local bicycle character. Many of the bikes that belonged to these folks had been personalized by their owner. The bicycle pictured here once belonged to Sam Howard a onetime resident of Burlington Vermont. Burlington is the city where I now live. The earliest license dates to 1964-1966. The fake Vroom motor by Matel dates to 1963. Sam's bike definitely has "all the bells and whistles". Blessed are these characters that add color to our towns and cities and love their bicycles.